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Hiring a Consultant

In most cases you will not need to hire a consultant. However, there might be a need to establish whether or not something  is contaminated or damaged. Also you might want another opinion as to the appropriateness of a process or a price. In these cases, you will want to hire a qualified and competent consultant. The problem is that there are no good designations (certifications) that help you to identify who you should hire. The restoration industry doesn’t have a designation for this kind of work. The environmental consulting industry has been flooded with 2, 3 or 5 day wonders that boast that they are certified mold inspectors or consultants. OK, I know that I am venting my frustration over this issue. But, it creates a problem for you the client.

There are a number of well qualified restoration and environmental consultants that are available to assist you in the event that you need a first or second opinion. From the standpoint of a consultant, they are more beneficial the earlier you get them involved. It is harder to reconstruct a project if the data does not exist. Be sure to find out from your insurance company representative if they will pay for a consultant. The insurer might want to bring in their consultant(s). Since they may not all be competent or qualified, this is truly one of those that times where “buyer beware” applies. To find qualified consultants visit the Cleaning and Restoration Association website.

If you find yourself in litigation, you might need a consultant that can also qualify as an expert. You will want to have your own expert represent you. Be prepared for a hefty retainer and hourly rate. Retainers can run from $1500 and up. Hourly rates can be $250 to $350. However, it is money well spent in developing your case. As it relates to hiring an attorney or an expert, you generally get what you pay for. To find qualified experts visit the Cleaning and Restoration Association website.